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Our results speak for themselves

From its inception TradeCopier has gone from strength to strength and delivered consistently profitable results for our member clients. You can see here past performance but to see the most up to date results then click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the ‘TradeCopier’?

The TradeCopier facility is an empirically proven and exhaustively tested system that mirrors Forex trading activity from our master account and places trades onto your account. This enables consistent and incremental account growth to all connected clients.

How does it work?

The system carefully analyses market movement and volumes within any given pair we are trading. If price moves against us in one direction, the system will begin a process to ‘hedge’ itself out of that trade and close with a profit. The exact system methodology is of course confidential, but the full results from the TradeCopier past activity are available for scrutiny.  

How much profit can I expect each month or average over a year?

Our month on month target growth is circa 15%-20%, some months may be less, and others more. Forex accounts do not grow by an identical amount each month but our past results do demonstrate consistent growth over a rolling period, which is our core aim. All TradeCopier clients see the exact same % increase, no matter if you have a £1,000 account, or £100,000.

How much does it cost?

There is a small monthly fixed charge and then a profits based % commission charge. However for THFX members we have removed the charge and the commission charge is reduced to 30%. Non members are charged £10 a month with a 45% commission charge. Billing is completed at the end of each calendar month. You then have 7 days in which to settle your bill. Failure to settle your account will result in it being disconnected.

How much can I lose?

The maximum drawdown that has been recorded is 7.8%, but this does not mean that higher drawdown will not happen, this is not something to be concerned by. This is just how the system operates, in fact it soon recovered after this. The market is very unpredictable at times, we have carried out extensive amounts of back testing and have never lost an account to drawdown/market conditions. Please refer to our full risk disclaimer.

When can I withdraw the profits?

You are able to withdraw at any stage you wish, however there are times when it is not advisable to withdraw such as when there are live trades open. All we ask is that if you wish to withdraw it’s always best to speak to Edward first. Please ensure you are able to make the due commissions payment based on the profits so far. Otherwise you will be disconnected.

Who can handle my funds?

Funds are held in your own IC markets account and only you are able to with withdrawn or move them. We will never ask for your Broker account log in details ever. We only need your MT4 trading account details so that we can link your account to the TradeCopier master account. Individual trading account log in credentials give us ZERO access to your personal funds.

What about a large unexpected market movement?

Our exposed risk is so small that even during large moves we are not reaching high DD. 300 pips the otherway and we are around 7% DD, so it’s totally within out risk settings to be able to deal with a 500 pip spike or market crash.

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