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Creating Successful Traders by Mentoring, Methodology & Mastery

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Welcome to ‘The Mentorship’, a high end Forex trading membership based mentoring community.

The Mentorship is packed full of benefits to give you the most complete opportunity to get a great start to, or indeed correct your trading journey.

We have 3 core principles namely mentoring, methodology and mastery. And because of this we, and our members believe our mentorship service is market leading. Read on to find out more…


Trading the financial markets can seem a very daunting thing to do and whilst there’s unending information, training courses, videos and gurus out there all they can do is teach you – ultimately you’re still on your own.

This is why The Mentorship is different. Whether you’re completely new to Forex or you have already completed an educational course our mentoring community is about supporting you through your next steps of learning to trade the markets and we do this by having 1 to 1 sessions with you where you can get personalised mentoring that responds to your personal circumstances.

We have years of experience between us and we have shared our knowledge, skills and experience with our membership who in turn have become successful traders in their own right, in fact many continue to subscribe to the Mentorship as they value the community we have nurtured so much.



We don’t teach a magic bullet system, we have no secret insight and we have no holy grail – that’s not how it works…

What we do have is a proven methodology, an approach to trading the markets that leads to consistent gains over time. Our style tends to be more ‘swing’ in nature so trades last over days or weeks rather than hours and minutes.

The beauty of The Mentorship is that you are free to use whatever style works best for you and your life. You will be taught all the necessary skills and psychological aptitude to make it work.

As pat of The Mentorship you see all our charts, get weekly market review videos and more detailed analysis and teaching in the weekly webinar (which is recorded if you can’t make it live).



Mastering the markets doesn’t happen over night, it might and often does take years, although no one rarely accepts this. All new traders think they can wake up and smash the markets – you can’t.

What you can do is master the markets over time with great advice from established masters, great personal mentoring and educational material.

Mastery comes with experience and we have a great community full of traders all with different experience levels but all on a similar journey to success.

As a mentorship member you’ll have access to a private telegram chat group where you can ask questions, share ideas & charts and chat with all the other members.


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